Rawafest como notícia no mundo!


RAWAFest: Fair for Neohumanist Living

Viamão-Porto Alegre, Brasil

By Bhaeravii Shakti (Paola Andrea Tejada Leytón)

Renaissance Artists and Writers Association, (RAWA), was founded by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar in India in 1958 in order to restore art to its true role as an instrument for social and spiritual awakening. He envisioned a New Artistic Renaissance where artists and writers would unite and inspire society to move forward in a progressive and spiritual direction.

Art has the capacity to awaken social consciousness and lead a person towards spiritual self-realization. The RAWA Festival started more than three years ago, with the intention to create a social movement that could introduce in a subtle way progressive ideas such as PROUT, Neohumanist Education, Yoga and Meditation through the medium of the arts.

We are living a time of change preparing ourselves for a New Era that will establish spirituality into the whole planet. The movement of the RAWAFest is also to serve as a platform for all social alternative movements, to connect to each other and form a network to unify forces for the future generations.

On September of 2008 the idea of the First RAWA Festival came to my mind, but at that time it was not very clear. It seemed more like a small gathering of artists promoting their arts through their own spiritual experiences. I was in a long fast trying to find a way to bring Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s ideas into the public in a more efficient way. After weeks of intense meditation a vision came to my mind, showing me the picture of what was going to be the future plan. I got excited with the idea and since I love Arts, this was the best way I could serve at that moment.



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